I have made two guides version 1 and version 2, more is on the way!
Version 2 isn't ready and won't be included in the first release!

Projects in Guide Version 1

-Hello World!
This isn't a normal Hello World! tutorial, we will cover many of the basic controls as well as different purposes of these controls!

This is a project developed from my open source project BeffsBrowser. It is a feature entitled BeffsEasyNotes. Much of the source code is common, but in this case it is sort of customized or done in a fashion that it comes licensed under The Mozilla Public License Version 2.0 as that is what BeffsBrowser is licensed under.

We will create and then extend a basic functions calculator. This won't be fancy or do any graphing just basic calculations!

-BMI Calculator/Exercise Tracker
BMI or Body Mass Index knowledge is very important when you want to lose weight!
The Excercise tracker will show you how much wieght you need to lose to be in the healthy weight!

Guide Version 2

-Introducing Regions
We will begin to learn how to organize our code!

-Number Chance/Lotto
We will create a basic lotto game where you pick 3,5, or 7 numbers and see if they are correct if so many in each type is correct you will get so many dollars added to your bank!
Disclaimer Not real money, just for this tutorial, the bank is numbers a dollar sign on a label!**

-Console Applications
We will briefly cover some topics about Console apps and how we can use them!

-Working with math!
We will introduce some mathmatical concepts.

-Rounding Numbers!
We will create a program that will round numbers!

-POS (Point Of Sale)
Another Note! This is for tutorial purposes only and is not made for actual use, although you could tweak it and use it for actual use
A point of sale system basically is a cash register on a computer. You can catalog items or manually enter them by number and add the price.
in this tutorial we cover a very easy basic concept of POS and doesn't offer features of a very good one.

-ScreenShot Program!
This will be a very easy to use program to take screenshots. And notify you when its ready to view!

Guide Version 2.1 will be ready soon. This will be added when Guide 2 is added!

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